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As it isn't always possible or practical to hire a skip for 7 days, we offer a wait & load service. Our wait & load service is ideal if you require a quick clearance without the need to hire a skip for 7 days or if you are on a tight timescale, have space restrictions and don't want to leave the skip in the road. You will not be required to have a permit for this service, making it a quick and convenient alternative. 

This service costs the same as hiring a skip for 7 days with 30 minutes waiting time that is including. Any waiting over 30 minutes will be charged £35 per hour.


We can remove waste from both domestic or commercial premises, this avoids the costs of permits & parking charges.

R2R Skip Hire Berkshire


empty lorry.pngcmfekl pgn.png

We arrive to the site with the truck and empty skip 

We will wait while you load the skip, you have 30 minutes.

full lorry.png gulfv.png

We then leave the site with the full skip and take it away.

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