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  • How do I hire a skip?
    You can call us on 07711831183 or 07469724136 Alternatively you can contact us via our page R2R Skip & Mega Bag Hire.
  • Where can I have my skip placed?
    Skips can be dropped on a private property such as your drive, you do not need a permit if your skip is being placed on private property, however, if your skip is needed to be placed on public site such as a road a permit is required, please contact your local council for this.
  • When will my skip be delivered?
    If your skip is being placed on private property your skip will be delivered either the same day or the next day. If your skip is being placed on a road or public space a permit will be require from your local council which could take a few days, please call us once you have your permit and we will deliver your skip the same day or the next day.
  • How long can I keep a skip?
    Hire period is for 7 days, long term skip hire is also avaliable.
  • How high can I fill my skip?
    Skips must be level-loaded at all times to ensure safety and that waste remains contained whilst in transit. Please do not use rubbsih such as timber to extend the sides of the skips as this is dangerous and not secure and can also lead to the skip being over weight an therefore can't can not be taken away.
  • Is there anything I cannot put into a skip?
    In accordance with environmental items that are not allowed to be placed in the skip: Mattresses Gas cylinders Car batteries Toxic waste Clinical waste Asbestos Fridge freezers Microwaves Tyres
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